The Best China Cars you can Buy

China is expected to become the biggest car-producing country. It is continuing to build more models and introduce more brands and it is only a matter of time before cars from the country become mainstream in big markets. Cars in China can be from local and foreign brands. If you are wondering which China car to buy, below are some of the best options you can choose from:

 Compact Pickups

Although some compact pickups can be dead in other countries, they are still being made in China. For instance, the Great Wall Wingle is an Isuzu rip-off; however, with its construction is more fragile. It is in the market at a low price, featuring a 2.4- Mitsubishi engine.


Hatchbacks feature a good seating capacity and maneuver. The Baojun 310 was first introduced in the Chinese market in 2016 based on the Chevrolet Sail.


The JAC-S is the smallest crossover in the world. But, this should not be a disappointment if you are always on the go.

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Haval introduced their H9 premium SUV. This model is a midsize SUV which seats seven people. Although not a full-size, its class makes this car simply irresistible. The H6 is also a top-selling SUV in the country for many years mainly because of its comfortable and spacious interior. The Geely Boyue is a compact crossover SUV produced by Geely. It is 4519 mm long, 1831 mm wide and 1694 mm high.


Nissan Sylphy is the best-selling sedan from Nissan in China. It features a stylish and practical make equipped with luxury features and technology. Also, the country is still the main market for Buick which gains the fifth spot for the Excelle sedan. The four-door compact sedan Volkswagen Lavida is really a hit. This sedan is the first mass-produced Volkswagen small family car designed by a Chinese partner.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

The Wuling Hong Guang is a compact MPV introduced in the market in 2010 but still gaining attention in the Chinese market. For many years, it has been China’s one of the best selling cars. The midsize MPV BYD SongMAX is a good-looking vehicle which seats seven people in a 2/3/2 setup.

There are other vehicle options you can choose from in the Chinese car market. In fact, high-end China cars might also be available in your local dealerships. Just check out dealerships online or in person and pick the right car that suits your needs and preference.